Who we Are

High-quality Precision Machining (HPM) is factory who focus on offering customized machining services according to drawings. 

Turn-key services include:

  • NC turned 
  • Swiss Turned 
  • CNC milled
  • Precision Wire cut
  • Plating, Anodizing, painting…
  • Hardening, carburization, nitriding…

Special Expert Services

Ultra-small Hole Drilling Services

One of HPM special expert services is machining the ultra-small hole which diameter under 1mm by milling, minimum diameter can be 0.05mm, surface roughness reach Ra0.8.

Have offered this service for printing nozzle, optical fiber connector, high pressure mist nozzle and other special field which need very smooth micro-holes.

Production Workshop 

Inspection Workshop

Precision Machining parts made by HPM

How HPM ensure you ” HIHG-QUALITY”

High-end Equipment

High-end equipment is the basic factor to produce high-quality products.

No matter production equipments or inspection devices, all are famous brand:

  • Swiss Turning-CITIZEN
  • NC turned-MAKINO
  • CNC miiled: BROTHER


Experienced Technical

Factory owner has worked in precision machining industry for more then 12 years, familiar with every types of fabrication technical, especially in ultra-small hole drilling. All management members and technicians are expert in their own field. HPM is a experienced expert factory.

System Management

HPM is ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certified factory.


It’s CORE and most important factor of HPM can offer which level quality precision machining services.

  • Material:  grade and chemical composition must comply with drawing required.
  • Dimension: must comply with tolerance of drawing specified.
  • Treatment: must comply with standard of drawing specified.